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Can you learn on a mobile device? The Pros and Cons

If you think mobile devices have changed corporate eLearning, you’re right. Over the last few years the mobile movement – particularly across tablets and smartphones – has made corporations rethink their training strategies and about creating mobile-ready learning programs. If you were also thinking about implementing mobile training for your company, here are some points […]

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Open Source vs Commercial – the cost of ownership

At some point, an organisation realises that a Learning Management System is the best way to track and report the activities of a training program. At that point, the there are three possible directions: Create a custom LMS; Use an open source LMS; or License a commercial LMS. In this article, we explore two of […]


Using your LMS to onboard employees

Interested in on-boarding new employees? Then you should be interested in making the process as efficient as possible. The classic way to do this is with a Learning Management System (LMS), a software application that many companies use to create, assign, deliver, and ultimately track the quality of training. What is interesting about the LMS […]


How to engage your LMS project stakeholders

How to engage your LMS project stakeholders  LMS project stakeholders are critical – for any LMS rollout project to be successful, stakeholders need to be engaged. While there is a significant literature that has been written around stakeholder management, it is often a challenge to understand precisely how it is to be done. The key […]


20 tips for avoiding LMS lessons learned

So, you’ve just rolled out your LMS, but things didn’t go exactly as you planned, and now you could write an article on all the lessons learned from the implementation. Of course, it would have been a lot better to have learned those lessons before actually doing the implementation, so to save you the trouble, […]


10 factors to be considered in your choice of learning methods

eLearning, face-to-face, or virtual classroom? There are a number of methods for conveying information and all of them have pros and cons. But in the real world, when the time comes to lay down the budget to achieve those all important learnings and, ultimately, business objectives, it’s a nice feeling to know you’ve analysed the […]

10 Reasons for an LMS

10 Reasons you need an LMS

Introduction Still wondering about whether or not your potential decision to purchase an LMS is justified? Well, literally hundreds of thousands of corporations worldwide have made that very decision after having undergone the same type of analysis you may currently be undertaking. These corporations articulated numerous reasons for their subsequent LMS acquisitions, and here are […]

5 critical success factors for your LMS project

5 Critical Success Factor for your LMS Project

Introduction Congratulations, you have decided to purchase your LMS. All you need to do now is roll it out, upload a few courses, and wait for the kudos and compliments to come in. Right? Wrong! Purchasing an LMS, like any major corporate decision, has a wide-ranging variety of implications, and any project as involved as […]