Case Study – Logan City Council



  • 5th Largest Council in Australia
  • 32 Branches Across Australia
  • 1700 Full Time Staff
  • 287,517 Local population
  • 200,000 New customers expected over the next 20 years


Australia’s fifth largest local council, Logan City Council, relies on Capabiliti LMS to manage their extensive range of courses and health and safety training. LCC utilise Capabiliti LMS’ powerful reporting to make strategic planning decisions.


  • Local Government


Located in South East Queensland, Logan City Council is Australia’s fifth largest council. Logan City has a population of over 287,000, with over 217 ethnicities represented. The council provides significant employment and has over 1,700 staff who deliver important infrastructure and services such as maintaining roads and waterworks, as well as managing building developments and the growth of the city. Logan City Council manages considerable economic activity, their 2015/16 budget totalling $839.8 million, with more than $6 billion in assets. Logan City itself is a full of economic development, the City’s Output totalling $18.89 billion, with gross regional product totalling $9.6 billion.


Implemented in 2008, Logan City Council’s existing human resource management system was showing signs of aging. The system was not able to fully manage and track the 1,700 staff spread across 32 branches. Most notably, the old system was restricting the Council from achieving their goals related to the administration and management of its development programs. In particular, the Council struggled to create and manage course schedules and post-course evaluations, track critical Health and Safety training and easily create annual performance reviews and training requests for staff.


Logan City Council went to open tender to find a business solution that is reliable and that the Council could be confident in to meet its requirements. The required solution also required to be customisable and flexible enough to meet the Council’s needs going into the future. Logan City Council chose Capabiliti LMS, confident that their value for money and merit-based solution was the best choice. During the implementation, the Capabiliti team worked in a flexible manner to suit the Council’s 12-month implementation approach.
Due to the size of the Council, Capabiliti implemented a new structure to ensure the effective governance of the LMS. Each of the 32 branches was set up as an LMS organisation, with one HR Group Manager per branch. This Group Manager makes bookings and waiting list requests on behalf of their branch. Below the Group Manager is a Course Manager who manages scheduling, inputs attendance and manually awards training when required.
Capabiliti employed a new workflow for course requests to counter the Council’s issue of managing course schedules. Based on feedback provided by staff members, HR Group Managers would add course requests to a waiting list, and then the Course Manager would arrange and schedule courses for the year based on demand. The Course Manager would then proceed to book, manage and run each course.
A new workflow was also initiated to manage Health and Safety Training. Using Capabiliti’s scheduling functionality the Health and Safety Course Manager would schedule courses for the calendar year. Group Managers then book their branch members directly into courses. Finally, Course Managers produce class rolls, marks attendance and awards competencies.
Capabiliti’s powerful reporting feature allows the Council to generate reports on expiring, upcoming and overall branch competencies. This reporting gives supervisors and management a clear overview into their Branch’s training, greatly reducing the risk of non-compliance.


Since implementing Capabiliti, Logan City Council has been able to reduce a lot of operational costs, improving their efficiency. Their staff now have confidence in quality and consistency of the data supplied for their HR processes and are assured that there is little risk of non-compliance. The introduction of Capabiliti to the Council has transformed the HR departments of each branch into a simple, structured hierarchy. Capabiliti’s custom reporting provides the Council with reliable, easily available information, from which they can make strategic planning decisions.

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