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  • Servicing the health requirement for ACT’s 397,000 residents
  • 120,000 public hospital admissions
  • 148,000 emergency department presentations
  • 11,000 emergency surgeries and 14,000 elective surgeries each year 50,000sqm of floor space over five main buildings


ACT Health is a long-time user of the Capabiliti Learning Management System (LMS), developed by Veritec. ACT Health’s Staff Development Unit integrated the Capabiliti LMS with its human resources system several years earlier, to improve onboarding and professional development programs for clinical, technical and administration staff across the agency.


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ACT Health delivers a network of inpatient, outpatient, day and pathology services to ACT’s 397,000 residents from its Canberra Hospital campus and an array of community-based clinics and facilities. ACT Health handles close to 120,000 public hospital admissions, 148,000 emergency department presentations, 11,000 emergency surgeries and 14,000 elective surgeries each year. The ACT government invests almost $2 billion a year on its public hospitals and ACT Health employs approximately 1000 doctors and 3100 nurses.


ACT Health partners with healthcare and education providers to offer clinical training placements to several hundred trainee healthcare professionals every year, via its Integrated Clinical Training Network (ICTN). Placements provide future doctors, nurses and allied health professionals with vital work experience in situ, prior to their graduation and admission to the professional workforce.
Until 2016, the organisation, management and monitoring of placements was a largely manual business carried out by ACT Health’s Student Placement Unit. Matching supply and demand was a laborious and imperfect process and administering the program itself was costly and time consuming.


Canberra based software consultancy Veritec was commissioned to develop Student Placement Online (SPO), a bespoke module for ACT Health’s Student Placement Unit. The agency called for a system which could match supply and demand for placements automatically, process student applications, generate contractual documentation for students and their education institutions and manage onboarding, including mandatory training, before commencement.
The SPO module has made supply and demand for placements more transparent. Compatible with Capabiliti LMS, it includes a ‘common area’ where education and healthcare providers can share and update placement and capacity information. Healthcare providers are able to list the clinical placements they have available and education providers can apply for and reserve them on behalf of students.


Automation of many of the human resources functions within the ACT Health placement program has seen administration costs significantly reduced. Implementation of the SPO module has resulted in the creation of a central data repository for the placement program. The agency is able to harness and analyse this data to inform and improve the planning process.
The Capabiliti LMS Student Placement Online solution enables staff within healthcare providers to manage the supply and demand of student placements much more efficiently. Data collection is accurate, tracked and updated regularly for robust reporting purposes.

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